Still sporting that logo you drew on the back of a napkin back in ’95 and photocopied onto stationary at your local Kinko’s? Yeah, we’re talking to you. We’re gonna make you look good. Because at some point, you’re going to need to introduce yourself to new clients, and those introductions need to go well so you can bring in new business. We’ve got it covered: a great logo design, a full array of identity materials like letterhead & business cards, and the ability to seamlessly integrate your business identity into potential marketing plans and new business development programs.

Web Design

It’s what all the kids are talking about. And by kids, we’re talking about everyone who doesn’t live under a rock. A professionally built website is the least expensive way you can instantly establish credibility and brand value with your consumer. If executed exceptionally well (and we do consider ourselves exceptional) you can convert new customers in droves, find new clients you’d never have reached otherwise, and grow your market share at a serious pace.


We get the word out. It’s sort of, like…our job. How do we pull it off? We’re smart, we’re culture junkies in the not-obnoxious, we-can-talk-to-normal-people kind of way, and we’ve mastered the tools to introduce people to you, your product, or your message. We can speak to consumers, voters, or potential clients at home, at work, through their friends, through their family, directly, indirectly, in a shout or in a whisper, depending on what kind of communication strategy is going to be most effective for your campaign.


Oh, man. You start talking about good-old-fashion, hold it in your hands and feel it between your fingers print advertising and it’s like Christmas for us. We love it when clients ask us to get back to our roots and concept and design campaigns that are going to print. We love calling our printers (who we have great relationships with by the way, meaning awesomely low costs for you), and we love seeing our work in real life: on billboards, in magazines, on TV or in our mailbox. We can make it all happen, from campaign concept to media buy or print production, and we’ll take away the headache of you having to figure out why a document bleeds, or who this guy Pantone is.

Transcription Services

We offer transcription in the areas of medical, focus groups, interviews, dictation and more. Files can be delivered in electronic format, as well as CD format, in a variety of software applications. These services are offered both onsite and offsite.

Recording Services

Key Data also offers onsite recording services for focus groups, conferences, research interviews, forums, lectures, symposiums, adjudications, board meetings and environmental assessment impact studies.

Scanning Services

Scanning service and document imaging capabilities include indexing and online document hosting. We integrate existing databases with files kept on paper. Large conversion projects are conducted onsite at customers’ facilities or on our site if requested. Our average staff member has more than eight years’ data capture and imaging experience with sophisticated Business Process Outsourcing, Facilities Management, Records Management and a broad array of scanning and data capture functions.