Incognito Inc. was started 10 years ago as a home-based consulting business, but due to client requests/demands, expanded over the years to its current location and size. Our growth has been phenomenal and has been managed with the hiring of key personnel able to handle our expansion and client needs/demands.

With expansion of this size, our main concern was with responding to client needs/demands in a professional and timely manner. In order to accomplish this, additional staff have been hired and trained. During peak times we have operated 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

In our fourth year of operation, we started getting requests to supply trained data entry operators and data management professionals for onsite applications. As a result we now offer temporary staffing services for these fields.

We have managed programs for clients including non-profit, corporate, and both Federal and Provincial governments. Our growth can only be attributed to our commitment to customer service and the loyalty returned by our clients.

During the day, we’re crazy-busy working at the offices of bigger, busier, bureaucratic and far more expensive advertising agencies. We’re billing clients silly amounts of money to concept great campaigns for them, but it’s no longer the big accounts that get us excited. We like the startups, the Mom & Pops, the strike-out-on-their-own independents and small to medium sized businesses who are nervous and excited and driven and want to collaborate on something great. We’re in it because of the rush of taking something and building it from scratch. We want to work with the people who roll up their sleeves because frankly, we’re a little tired of working with the people with the monogrammed-cuffed sleeves. If that’s you, Mr. Monogram-Cuffed Sleeve…it’s cool. We won’t hate. We’ll work with you too…but goodluck getting us in a conference room.